Lowen Lives to Help People Become the Best Version of Themselves.

Lowen has said that his new self proclaimed title, the “Human Performance Specialist” is derived from a multitude of athletic practices in 30 years of experience with his patients and clients but mostly from his own body.
Lowen is a native South African born in Johannesburg.

By the time he was 15 he was playing, under 18 Soccer for South Africa. He was wranked within the top junior 500 in the world on the tennis circuit. He was on the national team for Cross country , track & field and Triatholons. He still holds a 800m track record  from high school 25 years ago.

There is no denying the fortitude in this athlete’s physical and mental endurance!
He has the natural ability to pick up any sport through any fitness medium and be great at it. Not only because of his fitness ability but more because he naturally and intuitively understands how the body moves. Now 40 and fitter than most 20 year olds, Lowen  tells me he has just started to scratch the surface of the type of fitness thresholds he intends to break including, Everest, The Iron man and explorations of  other escapades in the North Pole and the Khalari desert.
He believes that not many people encounter a “specialist” that brings a multitude of training or conditioning methods to a client or athlete.
Lowen says,
” If you’re looking to be the best of you, one workout method and specialty on its own is not enough for the ultimate balance and conditioning in whatever you have commited to achieving. There are so many variants.  You have to workout and eat right for your body type if your goal is optimin health and self preservation.”
When I ask people in the industry what they think of Lowen as a fitness professional- 3 points are consistently made.
1) Lowen is very tapped into the psyche with an incredible ability to get in your head and rewire your brain. He has changed my life.
2) Lowen acceeds all expectations way and beyond just the change of my exterior body his experience has obviously given him an unusual wisdom that’s impressively well rounded. He could do whatever he wanted to and he would be successful at it.
3)He is just very gifted at what he does and yet he is very astute in his ability to point out the gifts he sees around him and wants he sees that he’ll motivate the hell out of  you in all the r ways that you actually take action.
Lowen lives and runs his business in Los Angeles for the last 15 years. He says, “When people from outside ask me what’s it like living in Los Angeles? I say, LA will break you and out you on the street  or force you to step outside your comfort zone and be the absolute best of you and mediocrity will just  float on by but 1 thing is certain in my experience, how you feel about living in LA is usually indicative of whatever you’re going through on a personal level.”
Lowen says he feels like his biggest impact on lives and his own despite all his experience is still to come.
Spend an hour with this guy and you’ll be hooked on transforming your life.
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